Curtin Schools of Business and Physiotherapy


The Curtin Business School and School of Physiotherapy Building is located at the northernmost tip of the Curtin University campus in Bentley.

A strong movement based patterning has been etched into the building fabric which brings the whole precinct to life

This building forms the new northern gateway to the campus, and incorporates a plaza flanked by a coffee shop, student facilities, classrooms, and a physiotherapy and podiatry clinic. The total floor area of the building is 9,000m2, constructed over four storeys. The building also includes numerous laboratories located within the School of Physiotherapy which, while servicing the requirements of the school, are also very flexible. 

BCA Consultants designed a highly energy efficient thermal storage system charged on off-peak power via high efficiency chillers. The construction of a 3.8 megalitre stainless steel-clad thermal storage tank to the north of the building has achieved significant air-conditioning cost savings. The architect took the opportunity to surround the tank with metal shapes casting dynamic shadows and reflecting vibrant shapes, colours and surfaces onto the tank’s steel surface. 

Curtin Schools of Business and Physiotherapy