Crown Metropol External Pools


The multi-pool entertainment area of the Crown Metropol Perth is a 6,200 m2 facility that includes an outdoor resort style pool, kids’ pool, quiet zone, VVIP private retreat, and poolside bar and grill. This area links seamlessly through to the indoor day spa in the resort.

The project was designed to create a Las Vegas-style oasis as the backdrop to the newly-built Riverside Mansions, as well as the feature outlook for the recently refurbished hotel rooms and fine dining restaurants

The pools were formed in a number of organic shapes and sizes with varying depths of water requiring a quality of lighting that would accentuate the vibrant blue finishes of the pool shells, as well as create an intense contrast to the competing elements.

A varied selection of LED lenses was used in the pools to manipulate and direct light to produce emphatic beams – a feature in itself – whilst maintaining the distribution required to illuminate the linings.

The VVIP Pool area consisted of six luxury 4m x 4m cabanas to provide a private retreat, with each cabana’s perimeter lined with a track and drape system that could be left open by day to enjoy the natural daylight and drawn by night to provide seclusion if desired. In keeping with the lantern effect, BCA worked hand-in-hand with the architects to detail a light box style roof for the cabanas, utilising a frosted Dampalon product and backlit by a linear fluorescent lighting system.

The kids’ pool structure was a double height platform acting as the launch pad for slides into the pool below. The strong beams of wall mounted up/down lights accentuate the platform’s height and frame the entry stairs leading to the viewing platform above.

The poolside bar and grill is a functional yet ambient space, with LV down lights throughout, highlighting the funky interior finishes and furniture. Light and drape slots located in the ceiling become features with an illuminated profile.

BCA achieved overall circulation and functional lighting throughout with a combination of low-level bollard fittings grazing light across the seating and circulation stone floors, and code-compliant light provided by carefully located high level spotlights.

Both BCA Consultants as a company, and our lighting designers, were winners in the Illumination Engineering Society of Australia’s Local and National Awards of Excellence in Lighting Design (2013) for this project.

Crown Metropol External Pools