City of Gosnells Civic Administration


The project included a new 4,500m2 3-storey wing, consisting of Customer Service area, meeting rooms, boardroom, enclosed offices for Directors and Managers, open workstation areas, and utility areas with recycling facilities. The refurbishment of the existing building included a new Council Chamber.

A key objective of the City of Gosnells was to improve overall workplace environment and make a statement of environmental responsibility to the community

The City of Gosnells Civic Administration was the first 5-GBC GreenStar (Office Design v2) municipal administration building in WA as well as the first 5-GBC GreenStar refurbishment project. The challenge on this project was to reduce water and energy consumption, and to inform the ratepayers of the importance of environmental sustainability.

BCA Consultants designed the mechanical, lighting, lighting control, power, communications, fire detection, occupant warning, public address and audio/visual systems for the building.

Within the design period, BCA Consultants provided a GreenStar Peak Energy Reduction report based on the proposed mechanical systems designed by our engineers. These systems reduce peak energy demand by using phase change material to store thermal energy for air-conditioning plant during off peak times.

City of Gosnells Civic Administration