Early on in a client’s project, we look for opportunities to integrate the lighting design into the surrounding architecture to enhance buildings; not impose on them. For BCA, understanding the intent and strategy of the architecture is the first step in responding to the brief with a lighting concept design.

BCA Consultants has a philosophy of designing with light, not light fixtures

With our technical lighting knowledge, we produce creative solutions for building structures, landscapes, events, or works of art. As a totally independent design consultancy, BCA delivers lighting design solutions, which releases our creative freedom and removes bias towards any particular supplier, product line, or manufacturer. We tailor our design assignments through our strong collaborative design philosophy with the flexibility to respond to our clients’ expectations.

We offer a complete lighting design service, from concept design right through to commissioning with the installers. Being part of a multidisciplinary engineering company, our internal collaboration gives a practical edge to our design solutions, resulting in cost effective and easily maintainable installation for the client.

BCA Consultants has won numerous local, national and international awards for our lighting design works across a range of sectors, from luxury hotels and iconic buildings, through to civic and educational buildings.

Our lighting design encompasses the following capabilities:

  • Conceptual design and documentation
  • Architectural scheme design
  • Custom luminaire design
  • Exterior scheme design
  • Site specific installations
  • Interactive environments
  • Screen based installations
  • Lighting level calculations and audits
  • Lighting control design, programming and commissioning
  • Integrated natural and artificial lighting systems
  • Site commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance strategies
  • Energy management design
  • Life cycle cost analysis

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D services design and documentation in Revit is actively adopted to meet our clients requirements. Learn more.