Our fire services engineering experience allows us to deliver Code, Australian and international standards-compliant designs via flexible solutions to meet our clients’ individual objectives.

BCA Consultants is a market leader in the fire protection consulting industry

Our engineers’ thorough understanding of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards in relation to fire services, combined with strong industry experience of systems installations, allow us to deliver efficient, economical and effective designs that can be easily understood by the design team and authorities alike.

BCA Consultants works proactively with private certifiers, local authorities, fire safety engineers and fire brigades, ensuring a concise understanding of fire and life safety design solutions, as well as confidence in our capabilities, to provide certainty for our clients. With our extended local association with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, and our fire services knowledge and reputation, BCA Consultants is one of very few recognised Independent Certifiers of fire services installations. 

BCA provides a range of fire protection design and certification services including the following:

  • Fire sprinkler and drencher systems
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Special hazard systems (gas, foam, water mist)
  • Smoke detection and alarm systems
  • Emergency evacuation systems (EWIS and OWS)
  • Third Party Independent Certification

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D services design and documentation in Revit is actively adopted to meet our clients requirements. Learn more.