The BCA team share a wealth of experience and a passion for innovative engineering and compliance solutions. We welcome creative thinkers with energy for problem solving and practical knowhow to join our team.

We are clear in our belief that BCA Consultants is only as good as our people and the diverse range of abilities and talents they bring to our clients.

We have a dynamic team of engineers, surveyors, designers and administrators with a blend of design, approvals and construction backgrounds to ensure realistic and achievable outcomes are delivered to match our clients grand visions.

Our people are led by a forward-thinking executive team with a combination of industry experience and strategic expertise. Read about our Executive below.

  • Tony Richards

    Tony Richards



    Tony started his career in 1980 as a cadet fire protection design draftsman with large national contractor O’Donnell Griffin. After gaining trade experience in fire services design, project management and estimating, Tony moved on to consulting engineering with Lincolne Scott Australia in 1985.
    Being one of the largest consulting engineering companies in Australia at the time, Tony progressed rapidly working with Lincolne Scott in most states of the country gaining diverse experience.
    In 1992 Tony joined BCA Consultants in their inaugural year as an Associate to develop and manage the fire services capabilities of the company. Very quickly he was promoted to Associate Director and Director of the company by 1996.
    Tony remained General Manager of the BCA Consultants business after acquisition by public listed VDM Group in 2008 and the successful management buy back in 2013.
    Tony’s personal interests outside of work include: golf, fishing, diving and AFL football.

    Phone (D): 08 9265 1441 (M): 0438 864 616
  • Graham McShane

    Graham McShane



    Graham commenced his career within the construction industry in 1970 as an apprentice in the plumbing industry, and carried out his tertiary studies at Leederville Technical College.
    Throughout his apprenticeship and as a tradesman he gained extensive experience from household and industrial/commercial repairs, and maintenance through to the commercial/industrial sectors of the industry.
    In the late 70s to early 80s, Graham took up a position with the then Metropolitan Water Supply Sewerage and Drainage Board, now the Water Corporation. His duties included liaising with the general public, architects, developers, builders, plumbers and verification of household sewer connections design and sanitary plumbing and drainage on small to medium commercial/industrial projects.
    From there Graham moved on the commercial management side of the plumbing industry and finally venturing onto contracting and forming a plumbing contracting company. The skill set Graham had acquired were an asset in the contracting industry as they were all in a majority of the projects offer and interactive design which was cost effective and enabled the builder to provide a proficient construction programme.
    From there, Graham moved into the technical representation role, working with manufacturing companies, not only providing technical training to the industry, but maintaining product awareness in the construction industry.
    In 2005 Graham moved back into the consulting industry full time, at Norman Disney Young and after two years was promoted to manager of the Hydraulic Department and an Associate.
    Graham joined BCA in 2012, as the Hydraulic Engineering Manager, and became a director as part of the management buy back in 2013.
    Graham’s personal interests outside of work include: bonsai, fishing, golfing and family.

    Phone (D): 08 9265 1431 (M): 0418 882 954
  • Warren Levisohn

    Warren Levisohn



    After gaining his electrical engineering qualifications in the United Kingdom, Warren migrated to Australia in 1989.
    Warren commenced working as a design draftsman with one of the founding companies of BCA Consultants, EMF Consultants, soon after arriving in Australia.
    Warren is a career member of BCA Consultants, quickly gaining valuable experience helping widen his expertise of electrical engineering in both small and large projects with passion, dedication and practical application of his trade. This resulted in his continuing progression through the ranks of BCA Consultants from Associate through to Director of the business in 2013.
    Warren’s personal interests include: boating, fitness, squash and travel.

    Phone (D): 08 9265 1416 (M): 0419 153 489
  • Chris Meisinger

    Chris Meisinger



    Chris began his career in the fire services industry in 1985 as a cadet design draftsman with a contracting company in Melbourne. In addition to designing with this company, Chris gained invaluable hands-on experience managing the ordering and distribution of fire equipment and assisting with the installation on site.
    In 1989 Chris commenced a two year working holiday in the UK, and was employed as a designer of fire systems for some of the largest projects being constructed in London at the time, including Canary Wharf.
    Following the UK, Chris relocated to South Africa for the next four years where he continued in the fire services industry as designer and project manager for a large national company before finally returning to Australia and settling in Perth.
    After continuing in the fire contracting industry in Perth for the next 6 years with Wormald, Chris joined BCA Consultants in 2000, becoming a shareholder in the business in 2005.
    Chris’s personal interests outside of work include: Travelling and camping when possible, and managing his children’s sporting teams, cycling and social recreational sports.

    Phone (D): 08 9265 1434 (M): 0439 449 200
  • Darrel Grant

    Darrel Grant



    Darrel began his career in 1978 as a trainee mechanical services draftsman with a local mechanical services contractor ENVAR. After gaining experience in the contracting field with mechanical services installation design and project management, Darrel joined the consulting engineering field with Lincolne Scott Australia in 1980.
    During his tenure at Lincolne Scott, Darrel had an opportunity to work in their Queensland office for an extended period, gaining diverse experience.
    In 1993 Darrel joined BCA Consultants as a contract draftsman and after some time joined as a permanent employee, during which he gained various positions including CAD Manager, Systems Administrator and Mechanical Design Manager. He became a shareholder in the company in 2005.
    Darrel has since become an Associate Director as part of the successful management buy back of BCA Consultants from VDM Group in 2013.
    Darrel’s personal interested outside of work include: art, astronomy, golf, fishing and sports in general.

    Phone (D): 08 9265 1442 (M): 0407 379 705